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How it became yellow

I would do it for a long time: a yellow samurai. But mine was white. The white paint was not so good anymore. So in the summer off 1998 we did it! In that time I bought a renault twingo for the daily use. Until then the samurai was my daily car! We decided that we would do it the  good way......

wit met groenslopen!

Tearing it apart is easy with a screwdriver and wrench number 10 you can tear the whole car down. On the left picture the car still rolls. on the right picture the real job begun.

voorbewerkenvoorbewerken zijkant
Then the real job: to get a good underground for spray painting the car. I got a lot off help from my buddy (thanks to Jos!) We made the car ready in 4 evenings and 1 day.

naar de spuiter

So it went to the company that spray painted the car! On the road: no windows, no seats, no bumpers. Lukely we saw no policecar underway.....

terug van de spuiterterug van de spuiter

Then it came back. The car became 7(!) kilo's more heavy.
Al parts painted in the nice yellow color: "S1f bengaalgeel"

opbouwenbijna klaar

After a few days we could begin to build it up. At these pictures it is almost ready. The only thing was waiting on the bumpers and wheels.....


On this picture its ready! Almost everybody likes what I have done.... Aldo its a beautifull car I still take it into the mud ;-)

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