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  Suzuki related pictures;

Oups! - If you go wheelin' Look out!
Russian "samurai"? - The "UAZ" comes from russia.
Suzuki in Peru.- Friends off my went there for a holiday.....
Pictures off "Jim" - Jim sended me a lot off picture. Here they are!
Special samurai's. -  Find them here!
Suzuki 4x4's used by police and firemen.
Miscellaneous pictures. - Pictures related to the suzuki samurai.
Suzuki in the mud. -  Pictures of suzuki's in the mud.
Offroad in Libya.-  Gerrit and his wife on an offroadtrip.
Harold's Models.
Pictures of all kinds 4 wd suzuki's
Pictures from Chris his samurai
Pictures: Dagobert - 4x4 days, Berneau 2000
Pictures: Dan (canada)
Pictures: Charlie (Belgium)
Pictures: Frank (Norway)
Pictures: Harold and the Suzuki Low Budged Racing Team
Pictures: Guido (The Netherlands)
Suzuki in Iceland
Pictures from Gabriel (samurai and vitara)
Citroën samurai - suzuki 2CV?