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Suzuki 4x4 Terreintreffen 2000.

On the 26th and 27th of august 2000 The dutch suzuki importer BV Nimag organised a "suzuki terreintreffen" again. The last time was in 1992. In that year they sold a lot of Samurai's and Vitara's. Sinds a few years they have sold a lot off Jimny's and Grand Vitara's so they would organise a offroad event for their new costumers. The event was held on the track of: "Beekse Bergen" - Hilvarenbeek. We went there on Saturday and it was very crowded: 600 suzuki 4x4's and on sunday another 600 other suzuki 4x4's.

On this page a little foto impression of the saturday event:

This picture was taken in the morning at half past ten.

Trafic jam..... But not only for the "big" kids ;-))

The next pictures are taken en sended to me by: Niels.
Thanks Niels!

This picture was sended to me by: Bas. Thanks Bas!