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July 2002 - Finally I got one!!! A suzuki jimny JLX cabrio. It was born in Spain and the first 2 years of his live he lived in Belgium. In june 2002 it was ready to go on the road, but I had to imported to The Netherlands.... Because we have a stupid tax system the jimny wil be imported as stock as possible. Later it will have: stainless steel pushbar, stainless steel sidebars, Wheelcover en alloy wheel with mud tyres! The first years the jimny will be my daily driver and street car but who knows.....

August 2002 - De jimny have had his official check up and it is now officially imported to The Netherlands. Lots of paperwork done! In about 2 weeks they will send me the final papers :-) Below are a few pictures of the stock jimny.

Augustus 2002 - Final papers are ready and also the licence plates. (25-JT-GG) I allready put one a few goodies and drove the first miles with it. It drives real good!!!

Oktober 2002 - Drove lot's of kilometers with the jimny and put a hardtop on it :-)


March 2009 - A new project, this is the plan: We will part out the yellow samurai and use all the goodies on the jimny: 4.16 T-case, winch, tyres etc. I have a suspension lift and a body lift kit in my garage. If the jimny is sort of finished we wil put all the "yellow parts" on my girlfriends samurai. So we still have the yellow sam wich I bought in 1991. To be continued....

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