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Part 3

On this page: The 3th episode, pictures of Jimny's owned by people all over the world. Do you have a jimny? Got a picture of it?
Please mail it to me:

Lot of jimny's... That's why I created part 3. It may take a while to load the page.... But the bigest picture collection on the internet!

Ed (The Netherlands)


John (Greece)

Markos (Cyprus)

Mitch (Australia)

Richard (St. Lucia)

Rob (New Zealand)

Simon (UK)


Faraz (Pakistan)

Andrew (China)

Lucasz (Poland)

Alfredo (Ecuador)

Henk (The Netherlands)

Nathalie (France)

Pete (UK)

Vladimir (Kazakhstan)

Alvaro (Brasil)

Eyüp (Turkey)

Fernando (Spain)

Hasan (Turkey)

Jaileen (Philippines)

Michal (Czech Republic)

Sylvain (France)

Ash (UK)

??? (China)

Derek (UK)

Gil (Belgium)

Lillian (France)

Luciano (Brazil)

Mikael (Sweden)

Milan (Czech Republic)

Nico (Argentinia)

Olaf (Poland)

Oscar (argentinia)

Sander (Netherlands)

Tonny (Netherlands)

Torsten (Germany)

Martijn (Netherlands)

Alper (Turkey)

Cocky (The Netherlands)

Cyril (France)

Matt (UK)

Michael (UK)

René (The Netherlands)

Andrew (UK)

Chris and Monique (NL)

Enis (Turkey)

Frank (NL)

Nathan (Australia)

Paul (UK)

Sandra (UK)

Scott (UK)

Thomas (Germany)

Randy & Gerrit (NL)

Ron (philippines)
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