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* Removable hardtop *

Bought in the summer. But now it is painted and I put it on: The hardtop. I bought it at dirks 4x4 in Belgium. On this page a few pictures.

hier is ie withier is ie blauw

On the left foto when I bought it: White. But I wanted it: Blue. So we painted it.

achterkant openachterkant dicht

Here he is on the car. On the left picture open and the right picture closed. On the inside I put a 3th breaking light. That I must changed. During the first off-road trip in "Valkenswaard"  it feld off....

nieuwe 3e remlicht

The "new" breaking light: Made a few stainless steel brackets and bolted it on the outside.

bijna klaar!

The car ready with the hardtop.

If you have any questions: mail me.