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Because I often get questions about it. On this page a few pictures how I made things....

The front end of the samurai. You can see the winch, pushbar and bumper. The winch is mounted on a homemade bracket. High as possible than you protect the winch from mud and sand. Thats also the reason the relais are mounted under the hood. The connection for the remote controle I made under the dashboard. The bumper is a homemade one. I made it from steel tubes. The pushbar is an original suzuki samurai pushbar ones selled by the dutch dealers. I mounted the pushbar under a different angle.

The back side. This is a home made stainless steel bracket with mounted om it: The extra light when you are driving backwards and the CB antenna. I mounted it all on the backdoor.

The third breaking light. Again on a home made stainless steel bracket. The light is a simpel stick-on type. The breaking light can only be used when the softtop is on.
3e remlicht

Take a good look! I have seen this in Amerika. There you can buy these things but here you can't. I solved the problem: Buyed two so called "suitcase straps" cut them, made a few holes in it, and see it works!

This is the "nikki" carburator and the K&N air filter. It's simpel but it works wel. The original carburator that is mounted on the dutch suzuki's you must throw away as fast as you can..... on the carburator I put the K&N filter because the original was always full of dust.
nikki carburateur

The  Australian gastank. Have had a lot off questions about the thing.... I bought it at: Kees Tijsterman. He imported the tank from Australia. You can fill it with about 75 liters off gas and that's about the only info I have.....

nieuwe platenoud nieuw en aanhangerplaat

hoog - terreinlaag - straat

The new licenseplates. Every car in Holland must have new ones. The old ones you could let make as much as you want. That causes fraud and the goverment dicided that everyone must buy new ones. You can buy two yellow ones and the white one is for a trailer. If you are lost of have dammaged one you have a real problem......  I've mounted the plates. At the back there was no problem. But in the front I made for dammage reasons two possibilities: Low for on-road use and high for off-road use.

de nieuwe ruilmotor

Here you see the '99 rebuilt motor.

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