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On this page a few pictures of cars that I ones owned.

Renault 5 ts

My first car: A 1977 renault 5 1300 TS. It was not an expensive car and I drove it for almost 3 years.

Mitsubishi lancer 1600 gsrdashboard

The second one: A 1980 red mitsubishi lancer 1600 GSR. Its was a very nice car with the 1600 engine. I drove it also for about 3 years.

mitsubishi lancer 2000 turbomitsubishi lancer 2000 turbo

This one was the best! A 1982 white Mitsubishi lancer 2000 turbo. If anyone should have one and it was in a good shape than I buyed it ones again! 195 HP, Topspeed almost 240 KM/H, 2 liter injection with turbo..... Yes, it was fast.

hier wil ik liever niet meer aan herrinerd worden......alles kwam weer goed !

And then this happend...... I didn't saw that bus. It was my own fault. But as you can see on the right picture, everything became alright. After this car I bought the car where this page is about: A white suzuki samurai rhino.

net uit de showroom !door het meertje in andenne.

On the left almost directly out off the showroom. De right picture is taken on the track: "espace" in Belgium.

blauwe minirode mini

This is a bit a different story. When I was driving the 2000 turbo I could buy a "austin mini" for a few guilders. I did and restored it a bit. It was a '81 blue 1100 special. When he was ready my sister was going to drive it. She tought that "Ferrarired" was a nice color.... So we painted it all red. She has driven it for 3 years.

renault 5 gt turbo

After 3 years with the "mini" It was time for her to drive something else. She sold the mini and bought this renault 5 GT turbo.

paarse twingozwarte twingo spring
The left one was mine '93 purple renault twingo. And the right one is my sisiters '97 black twingo. She sold the 5 turbo and bought in '97 a brand new twingo.  In '99 she bought A new Toyota Yaris and I bought her black twingo.

In the summer of 2002 I sold the renault twingo and I bought myself a suzuki Jimny! Until 2008 it was my daily driver. We decided to transform it to an offroad jimny. As a daily driver I bought a cheap green VW polo.

The polo was build in 1992, we did 30.000 km's with it. We did a few holiday with it and I sold the vehicle in 2010. As a daily driver I bought a brown Volvo V 40 (1998)

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