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A volvo transmission in a suzuki SJ 410

On the 28th of juli 2000 I recieved a mail from Matti Sulanto. He comes from Finland and drives a suzuki. A friend of him put a volvo transmission into a suzuki SJ 410. He put the transmission between the original transmission and the T-case to become a lower gear ratio. Below this text the original mail and some pictures how it is done. If you have questions you can mail Matti: matti@abcd.fiYou can do it in English or his language ;-)

Hello Henry!

Here are some pictures of Suzuki that belongs to a friend of mine. This
SJ410 has interesting transmission combination.

In the main picture you can see the red thing between transmission and
transfer case. That red thing is a Volvo transmission out of Volvo
142.   The short shaft between the transmission and transfer case has been
replaced by the 4 speed Volvo transmission. This Suzuki has 32 forward
gears altogether! The lowest gear ratio is about 110:1 and still the high
ratio is stock.

Detail1 shows the coupling between Volvo transmission and Suzuki transfer
case. Details2 and 3 show how the Suzuki transmission in coupled with the
Volvo transmission.

The engine/transmission and also the transfer case are in their stock
mountings and nothing was moved. That Volvo transmission fits in there like
a glove. Only modification was that the gear levers had to be rearranged.

If there are more questions don't hesitate to ask.

The spark plug in the exhaust? That is for the afterburner! In reality it
plugs the oxygen sensor hole.



A few days after the first mail I received some new info. That mail is under the pictures.



The mail with more info:

Hi Henry!

I have replied to some other people too and I'm sending this same mail to
you. I hope this clarifies things a bit.

One thing first. This conversion is one off and the vehicle is SJ 410 with
FOUR speed transmission. The Suzuki transmission was slightly modified by
using some parts from another Suzuki model (Suzuki Carry (ST90)). Carry is
a tiny Van. In SJ410 there is not enough space to fit Volvo trans so the
Suzuki trans needs to be shortened, unless you want to move engine and
trans. By using the mainshaft assembly, gears, shifter forks and
transmission case tail from Carry the SJ410 transmission can be shortened
by about 50mm. Those parts are bolt on and Carry's first gear is about 10%
shorter. The space between the transmission and the transfer case is about
360mm after the modifications. I measured the same distance in my SJ413 and
that was 345mm. That should be enough space for a Volvo trans. You need a
transmission from 100 series Volvo with long gear shifter. The later models
used a short stick and that doesn't fit. The type of the trans is M40.

And now the coupling between the two transmissions. You cut off the u-joint
of the slip yoke that goes into Suzuki transmission. After that you have
basically a sleeve with splines on the inside. That sleeve (SJ 410, don't
know about 413) has the same diameter as the Volvo transmission input
shaft. Volvo's input shaft is then shortened and the sleeve welded to the
shortened shaft. Now the two transmissions can be joined. From the pictures
you can see the supports that keep the two aligned.

The coupling between Volvo trans and t-case was done the same way, by
cutting and welding. Difference is that there is a rubber joint from
Mercedes 123 series. That you can see pretty well if you look at the pics.

This conversion was made by Marko Koskelainen who is a friend of mine and
he did it on very low budget. This is not neccessary the easiest way of
getting shorter gearing but it seems to work pretty well. It is not a bolt
on conversion even though the components in your Suzuki remain stock. It
looks simpler than it really is. You may also be able to use some other
transmission from some other car. Marko just used Volvo's because it is
(was) very popular car here and parts are cheap and easy to find. M40 is
also small and strong and it has a removable bell housing. If you had
bigger budget you propably could have some of the parts made in a shop and
save some time for yourself. Marko had some vibration problems at first.
Everything has to be lined up really well. If you or someone else is really
going to do this, please mail me before you do anything final. We could do
a couple of drawings to make things even easier to undertand.

Unfortunately Marko didn't take any pics while he was doing it some years
back. If you are still interested and need more detailed info please don't
hesitate to ask. I'd be more than happy to help. It is also unfortunate
that Marko doesn't speak English so he could explain everything by himself.



More Info on Matti's page:

This car is a volvo 142.