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On this page pictures of special samurai's. If you have a picture of a special samurai send it to me, Thanks!

this is the suzuki SJ 30. It came after the LJ 80 and it's sort of a prototype samurai. We didn't have it over here. I tought it was only sold in Japan. The differents between this car and the samurai are the factory made half doors.

long wheel base
A picture I got from a japanese guy. It's a Long wheel base samurai. The LWB we have also in The Netherlands but not with this hardtop. According to Peter Fretten it's a "Suzuki Caribian Sporty" He scanned the picture and says that it is manufactured in Thailand.

long wheel base
Another long wheel base. In this car you can sit with 4 persons.

trucage foto ????
I think this is a "trick" pictures. But Tom and a few other people confinced me that there are 4 door samurai's. Tom from australia sended me pictures that he took on the island Bali, Indonesia. Thanks Tom!
4 deurs4deurs

4deurs4 deurs
Pictures sended by Tom.

post samurai

This is a "mail man" samurai. Also from Japan.

sneeuw ruimersamurai pick-up

These are samurai pick-ups. In The Netherlands we did not have the pick-up. Only the LWB. We had in the late 80's the SJ 413/410 as a pick-up version. The left one is coming from the German suzuki site and is equiped with a 1.9 liter peugeot diesel engine and powersteering! I think the snow sweeper is hydraulic, but if you have other information (PTO?) send it to me.

holden drover

On this picture: The Holden Drover. You will find it only in Australia.  It is a rebadged suzuki samurai. The suzuki samurai is there called suzuki sierra.This picture comes from Jeff's suzuki's page:

sierra pick-upsierra pick-up
2 more pictures off the suzuki sierra pick-up

maruti gypsymaruti gypsy
These pictures are from India. The samurai is there called: Maruti Gypsy.

chevrolet samuraisuzuki katana

The left suzuki is called: Chevrolet samurai and is sold in South America. The right one has the name: Suzuki Katana and is sold in Indonesia.


This picture I got from Martin. He lives in England, a real kit-car country! This is a "scamp-car" A British kit car based on the SJ chassis. Made with Aluminium panels, when your Suzi rusts away, for about £2000, you can built this body onto the chassis.

NEW!!! Part 2, there's more! Click here.

If you have such pictures or info about this pictures: Send it to me!
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