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Not only samurai anymore, but all kinds of suzuki 4x4's

This picture was sended by Erwin. He and his wife discovered this LJ in a restaurant.

This picture is taken by Serge. I knew there was a "red bull samurai". Saw it ones but forgot my camera. Serge didn't and shoot this picture of the samurai on the highway. Also there are red bull versions of the X 90 and the jimny:

Founded on the net: A very looooooong wheel based samurai ;-)

Found on the internet: 2 pictures of 4 door samurai's and a picture of a special security vehicle built on a Maruti Gypsy.

Tis pictures I recieved from; Renè. He spotted this suzuki 410 at an autodealer near his place. He lookes at the car and according to him they did a profesional job. He thinks it was done in Germany.

A kitcar (fourtrax) Based on a suzuki  SJ 410. The owner of this car is John. He lives in the UK. His fourtrax donor car is in fact a dutch SJ 410!

This picture of a suzuki samurai pick-up was sended by Henri. Homemade, custommade??

These pictures are sended to me by Frederic. He lives in Canada and they have 8 months snow in a year. So he put "tracks" under his suzuki's :-) December 2010 I've got this mail: Your pictures from Frederic of Canada are not his - that's my red Samurai on tracks, and the blue Sidekick has the same set of tracks - he is the guy I bought the tracks from. Currently, I have two sets of tracks, and my Samurai is much more modified now.
You are welcome to use the photos, as long as you give me credit :D I've worked hard on my monster Suzuki :D, Erik

:-) Picture sended by Ondra May.

A picture sended by Jan. Para troopers in LWB suzuki's. My idea was that they belong to the Thai Army.
According to a vistitor of my page: this is not the Thai Army:

"hi, you have a great collection of pictures on your page. This is about the pic of the samurais with the army men in them , which you think is the thai army. They are actually the Indian Army, in military Maruti Gypsy cars. They are in a parade during the annual Republic Day parade. Its in the city where i work, New Delhi (the capital of india). I can recognise the road, i travel on it everyday, as well as the cars!!! regards, karn"

4x4 based on A Maruti gypsy (LWB samurai) The hawk

This pictures was send by Wilmer: a suzuki samurai truck :-)

This is the Pakistanian version of the samurai: the suzuki Potohar. With many thanks to Faraz for the pictures!

A SJ 410 and a vitara, both are used in the Dutch safaripark; "Beekse bergen - Hilvarenbeek".

Jaap sended me a picture from a Spanish "movie" samurai. The sam is originaly a Dutch car and 17 years old. They use it on the Island La Palma as a car to put film stuff on.