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Suzuki 4x4's used by the police

Pictures sended by Terry. He wrote: "The Sidekick was seized by the police department in a drug raid.  It is now used for parades, etc.  The community affairs officer uses this instead of a standard patrol car when he goes to schools and gives the children anti-drug lectures".

This picture was sended by Filip from Belgium. It's a Belgium police samurai. 

These suzuki's are American police samurais. I do not know of they are ever used the cars.....

Turkish Police samurai

Another police samurai sended by Elmer

A suzuki sierra used by an australian fire department. The picture was sended by Willmer and het took it in Hamilton Island. Queensland.

politie samuraipolitie samurai
In Japan police cars are sometimes samurai's. You can't beat the fast criminals with it;-) But as a dog car or so you can use it. In Japan the samurai is called: Jimny.

politie jimny
The car that is here called jimny is in Japan called: "Jimny wide" On the picture as a policecar.

Another samurai: Used by the police on Malta.

Police jimny found by Dagobert.

Another Belgium police suzuki sended by Christian: Hi, For your site : another Belgian Police Suzuki. This vehicle was acquired by the municipal police of Dilbeek. He is now part of the collections of the Belgian Police Historical Service.

Pictures sended by Sjoerd: A Spanish LWB police vitara.
Do you have pictures of suzuki 4x4's as a police or fire department car? Please send them to me: