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Peru*** SUZUKI IN PERU ***Peru

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Good friends off mine went for their holiday to Peru. I asked them off they could shoot some pictures from suzuki's there. They did and on this page you can see the results! In peru they drive all kind off suzuki's from old till new.

LJ 80truck

On the left picture a LJ 80 and on the right one a very old truck.

SJ pick-up achterkantSJ pick-up voorkant

These two pictures are the best! A SJ pick-up all painted yellow. According to my friends nobody drived with the car.


On this picture the "normal" samurai. Its the hardtop type with a nice roofrack and different tyres. according to the little lights its an american imported samurai.

nieuwe samurainieuwe samurai

On this pictures the new samurai. You can see that on the turn-of lights. You can't see on the picture of it is the "coily" type.

Jeffrey op de motorkap

You can still buy it there: The samurai pick-up. This one is used to work with..

vitara grande

Also you can sell this one there: The gran vitara. The name off the 4 door grand vitara is in the Netherlands also grand vitara. Over there they call the 4 door type: "grand nomade"

policia nacional
The police is also driving a 4wd. Unfortinally not a suzuki :-(

Map of Peru

During the time that my friends where in Peru I've been mailing with a suzuki lover from Peru. His name is: Ricardo Cavenecia G. He drove a LJ 80 pick-up and now he is driving a suzuki vitara. Info about him and his vitara are on this pages:
lj 80 pick-upvitara