Oud Nieuws van juni 2010
28 Juni - 30 graden in Nederland. Terug uit Axel: de uitlaat is er onderweg onderuit gevallen, gelukkig niet het gerepareerde deel. Toch thuisgekomen. Het is te warm voor een update. Foto's van Axel komen eraan! 1 foto staat op de indexpagina.

24 Juni - Met behulp van Jos: uitlaat gemaakt en een stuk rotte achterplaat vervangen. Zondag naar Axel!

10 Juni - Voor degene die Engelands kunnen een heel verhaal, voor degene die het niet kunnen of geen zin hebben om te lezen, Jon heeft van een paar zuks 1 gemaakt: My name is Jon Maxton.  I live in a small town called Belleville located in Illinois, USA.  Found your web site on a link from Roadless Gear (roadlessgear.com). Have checked just about all of your site and have enjoyed it. Very well done and I thank you for taking the time to put your site together and to share it with everyone. I have wanted a Zuki since I first saw one back in 1989.  Finally purchased 2 of them last year.  One, a 1988, came from a farm where it hadnt been used in over a year.  The other, a 1990, i found in a salvage yard where it had been sitting for close to 5 years.  The 1988 had a rusted out frame but everything else was good.  I stripped it of everything, if it was bolted or screwed on it came off.  The 1990 was in amazingly good condition considering it had been sitting for years with a rotted out top.  Can you believe the interior flooring is completely intact even though the floor plugs were still in. I found it with 4 inches of standing water.  Anyway, I used the parts from the 88 to replace what was bad on the 90.  Just last month I finally got my Zuki on/off the road.   Only modifications at this time are the front and rear bumpers with all lighting and light bar all of which I designed and built.  Still have to put a lift on it so I can go with some larger compromise on/off road tires.  Also going to put a winch on the front bumper.  In December or January I will also be changing from the stock 1.3L to a beefed up Honda B18.  It wont be the most powerful Zuki out there but it will get me in and out of everywhere I plan on going.  Last picture shows off final paint.  Dont know if you will be interested in these pics or not but wanted to send so that you might included them on your site.  Thanks again for sharing your collection of pics and all your other posts. Sincerely, Jon

2 juni - 2 jimny's toegevoegd aan de toegestuurde jimny pagina deel 6.