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Offroading in Amsterdam!

On sunday the 11th of february we went with a bunch of suzuki drivers to a track in Amsterdam. Henny (who I know throught the internet) and his friends are offroading there every two weeks and He asked us a lot of times to come overthere. If you hear Amsterdam you will not think offroading ;-) But what a beautifull terrain!!!! Everything: water, sand, mud etc. henny and his friends showed us the terrain and draged through it. On this pages some pictures:

On this two pictures the "unlucky" guys. Joris dammaged his Jimny bumper and Sjoerd with a blown headgasket.....

I made not much pictures but on this pages there are some more:

If you want to watch a suzuki crossing a swamp, go to the videopage.

On the 21th of februari I recieved these pictures from; eddie. He was the same sunday as we on the track in Amsterdam and didn't see us. Thanks for the pictures Eddie!