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The ultimated LJ 80!

3 Years of building, but it is finished! The ultimated LJ 80 made and owned by my friend Jos. He ownes a LJ for over 100 years I think. But the LJ became very rusty. So he decided to build a "new" one. All those years Jos uses his LJ as a "working" vehicle, 4x4 play vehicle and as a daily driver!  Building a new one was easier said than done. Because the LJ's are rather smal it has to be wider and higher. On this pages some build up pictures.

This is the old LJ. The last time it was on road ;-)

These are the first pictures I took. He begun with a normal chassis; cleaned and painted it. put springes and axles under it and than made a body on it. The only LJ things he used on thebody where: the firewall and the tunnel. all other parts are selfmade or remade......

because the new LJ must become wider the front must be remade.......

Picture of inside and one of the outside.

Click here for part 2