Suzuki in Iceland

I Recieved a mail from: Gudmundur Eyjolfsson He lives in Iceland and sended me some nice pictures!

Hello my name is Gudmundur Eyjolfsson and I am from Iceland. In Iceland we have a long tradition of modifing the samurai. It is very common to put 33" tires on them and up to 44" as you can see. Also it is common to put volvo turbo engines and V-6 buick engines. These samurais are used for long distance adventures over claciers and snow and ice Wastelands. The 44" samurai I sent you picture of is V-8 powered 289 ford, auto trans and a 9" axle in the rear and dana 44 in front with no spin lockers. Also I am sending you a picture of a long wheel base samurai on 33" tires driving in the snow. The blue one is powered with a Buick V-6 and has Dana 30 in front and dana 44 in rear. And it has coil suspension in front and rear. Also there are picture of a long wheel base suzuki stuck in ice that one has a volvo turbo engine 200 Hp, dana axles, coil suspension and 35" tires.

A few days later he sended again a few pictures. This is his samurai. Pictures where  taken last winter when he drove over the second largest clacier in iceland called Langjökull.

In june2002 I recieved a few Icelandic suzuki pictures from Magnus.