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Offroad in Libya

I know Gerrit  sinds I own my suzuki. He's a kind of guy that wakes up and thinks: off-roading. When he goes to sleep at night he still thinks: off-roading... Last year he and his wife decided to make an offroadtrip to Libya. Not with the suzuki but with their daily car: the Galloper. After two weeks they came home with nice story's and hunderds of pictures. A few of those pictures I put on this page:

By car to Italy and then by boat to Libia hedding for the dessert!  The trail leader and Organizer is driving the red long wheel based suzuki samurai!!!

Beautiful desert pictures.

Endless desert and high sand dunes.

Driving through the desert and if you loose speed it goes wrong......     At first he did not want to give the right picture ;-)

At night cleaning the filters..... Dust, dust, dust everywhere.......