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On this page; what can go wrong. Unfortinally no pictures of my samurai. I tipped over one time but there's no picture.....

nissan patrol
This is an old picture. It is taken at the " Blauwe meer" Its a little lake where the city puts sand. On sunday we drove there with our 4wd's. You nust look out because the trail was changing every week. The owner of this nissan patrol didn't.... With a little pushing and pulling everything became allright.

Jeroen de mud-digger
This is Jeroen K.Alias: Mud digger. He thinks that a suzuki can do it all.... It happened in Rotterdam. Not to extreme but a nice picture.

vast op een rots

On the track in Bilstain we have the most fun! A few years ago we where wheeling there also was this belgium guy. I don't know how he did it but he maniged to get his suzuki exactly on the rock with all 4 wheels of the ground...(on the picture a bit difficult to see)

Pascal in de modder

This is Pascal. He bought a suzuki real sheap and decided to go with us to "Espace" Run throug a few mudholes had a day off fun, almost destroyed the engine.... After that he decided to sell the suzuki.

Jos en Barteen paar keer over de kop...

If someone get stuck there is always another one who thinks that he can make it...On the left picture: Jos and Bart in the Lj 80. The right picture is more serious: Rolled over a few times. No doors...... no seatbelts..... both guys a bit shocked. no one serriously hurt. That Lj 80 has done it all!!!!

These 2 pictures are sended by Lamber. He didn't tell me exactly what happened....

Eds jimny... oops....

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