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On this pages are a few pictures that have to do with me or my suzuki.

smileer zit meer in suzukismile

This picture is taken in 1991 in Benidorm Spain. Here started my samurai love. I was there on a holiday and we decided to go on a "jeep safari". The car that was in front of ours rolled over...... No one seriously hurt only the Santana.

suzuki terreintreffen

This picture is taken at the:  "suzuki terreintreffen '92" orginized by the dutch suzuki importer: Nimag. Unfortinnaly then it was the last time :-(  At that last time there where about 1500 suzuki's......

So much snow in The Netherlands. The winter of '99. That day my sister and me planned to go to an autoshow.... Traffic was jamned and than its nice to have 4wd.

bomen rooienjos met zijn lj80
Me and my buddy Jos. He has a garden with lots of trees. If a tree is dead you must get rid off it. That we do with our winches. He with his LJ 80 and I with my samurai. We used snatch-blocks: Pulling power 10 tons!!!

Jeroen en Mildred gaan trouwen

These two people are Jeroen and Mildred. They married on the 4th off september 1999. There marrying-car was there own black samurai. When they got out off the church we parked our suzuki's there to welcome them.
suzuki erehaag


In the '80's here in The Netherlands we had a tv show that was called: Battle of the stars. They used a suzuki SJ to play a game.