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picture made by: uncle sammy [Yves]
Suzuki 4x4 E-team: Harold Boers, Henry van Gorkom, Neil Wells, Johan Mallo, Rob van de Nieuwenhuijzen en Erwin Fonken.

The story:

In the begining of 2002 six members of the dutch suzuki 4x4 E-team decided to take part in "the Challenge" The challenge was organised by a dutch off road organisation called:  stichting Zeeland 4x4. A team is: 3 cars and 6 persons doing 3 games of 2 tracks. You can earn points and be quick. The challenge started on the 6th of april in: Rilland. The first game we did not too bad: technical problem and 2 tipover from Johan's suzuki. We finished 4th, but 2 games to go :-)

On the second of  june there was a game on the beach. It was easy and a special task was to build a 4x4 of sand!!! :-( we finished 3th....

Last game was on  6 oktober 2002. We ware well prepare and a lot more experienced! The last game was again on the tracks of Rilland we did real good and became in first!!!

Click here for the final results

Most important: Pictures!!
Pictures 7 april
Pictures 2 juni
Pictures 6 oktober

Many thanks to everybody who shoot the pictures!!